Les Collines

In the fall of 2010, we began a partnership with Les Collines Vineyard in the Walla Walla Valley. Les Collines, French for the foothills, is a 240 acre vineyard at the foot of the Blue Mountains producing some the most aromatic and unique Syrah we have experienced anywhere in Washington. We have worked with two blocks, 30 and 31, which sits at about 1100 feet in elevation, creating a site slow to mature and safe from the harsh winter and spring freezes that can decimate the Walla Walla Valley floor every few years. The vineyard is in situated in the southeastern most corner of Walla Walla Valley within Washington, the southern fence line marks the Oregon border. The soils at Les Collines are deep windblown loess that have formed the foothills of the Blue mountains as winds pushed this light soil up against the mountain range over the millennia. Among the loess soil are occasional gravel pits from deposited by ancient river flows and the Missoula Floods.

Keeping in line with our commitment to earth friendly practices, Les Collines is certified for Sustainable Farming by the IOBC and is a Salmon Safe Vineyard. Our first Les Collines vineyard Syrah from the stellar 2010 vintage, dubbed “Damavian” as an amalgamation of our first three children’s names, was released in Spring 2013.

Weather at the Vineyard


Vineyard Location