Destiny Ridge

DR Block 15 Sign

At the core of W.T. Vintners is a truly special vineyard site called Destiny Ridge. We began our journey with 1 ton of from block 15. The vineyard faces southward, looking down on the Columbia River in the heart of the Horse Heaven Hills. Catching light from above and reflecting upwards from below, Destiny Ridge experiences one of the longest growing periods in the world. With 263 acres planted to grape vines in 1998, this precious vineyard is home to over a dozen varietals, both red and white. Destiny Ridge now farms 2 acres of Block 1 “Phelp’s Clone” Syrah. Our rows run vertically from the relative bottom to the very top of the vineyard giving us a slightly different soil profile with about 24” of loess (windblown volcanic loam) over fractured basalt at the bottom and just a scant few inches of soil at the top. At the top, the vines are exposed to higher winds and more sunshine. The transition of elevation adds to the nuance as vines are exposed to different amounts of water, minerals, wind, and sun.

The Horse Heaven Hills are considered a hot AVA (American Viticulture Area), but with Destiny Ridges’s proximity to the constant cool river breeze, the scorching summer temperatures are moderated, allowing for the development of rich flavors in harmony with vibrant acidity. W.T. Vintners to devote ourselves to Syrah, believing it to be a grape that best articulates the potential of Destiny Ridge Vineyard, and showcases Washington’s unique terroir.

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