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WSJ: Inside Washington State’s Warehouse Wineries

Some of the Washington’s best wines are being made in a tiny city just north of Seattle and far from the well-known vineyards on the eastern side of the state. A Warehouse made wine doesn’t sound very promising. It seems rather industrial and fairly downscale. And yet some of the best wines are created in […]

Roll with Jen: A Sommelier Who’s Also a Winemaker

This article is written by Luke Wohlers, my sommelier buddy and monthly columnist for In 2011 I volunteered for my first grape “crush” in Woodinville, Washington. Then I soon found out this was no simple candy crush. It’s actually pure cardio fitness treading around in a vat that feels like a grape version of […]

SF Gate: Found in a gorge, a promising paradise for wine

About 75 minutes due east of Portland, this is the heart of the Columbia Gorge, one of the world’s most climatically diverse places. Here, the mighty Columbia River cleaves Washington from Oregon. This is an astonishingly fertile spot for wine. Among the area’s 30 wineries you’ll find some of the Northwest’s most daring winemakers, many […]

WSJ: Seattle, Land of the Serious Sommeliers

A lovably nerdy mind set has helped the city in the Pacific Northwest become a wine lover’s destination. When Researchers at Central Connecticut State University decided last year to find the most literate American city, they analyzed six sets of data, including newspaper circulation figures and the number of bookstores and libraries. Had they included the […]

Seattle Met: Wine, Elevated: Grüners Grow Here

Turns out you can grow cool-weather grapes like Grüner Veltliner in Washington. The first time Jeff Lindsay-Thorsen heard of anyone growing Grüner Veltliner in Washington, he was skeptical. There’s a reason the yellow-green grapes with loose clusters and thick skins produce the signature wine of Austria; they flourish in that country’s alpine climate, where vines thrive […]

Celebrating Spring Release

Happy Spring W.T. friends and family! Spring has arrived! We want to get a jump-start on the season by sharing what we have been up to and what exciting things that are just around the corner. (more…)

Grand Opening of Tasting Room – April 5th/6th

The culmination of years of work is coming to fruition with our new Tasting Room in the Woodinville Warehouse District. Many of you joined us at the winery this past November for our small Open House gathering. However, the space has come a long way and we’re ready to open our doors to the public. […]

New Day: RN 74 Dungeness Crab and W.T. Grüner

VIDEO: Executive Chef David Varley joined Margaret to prepare a dish that’s perfect as we transition to spring: Whole Dungeness crab with freshly made pasta. He also showcased a few of the many exclusive wines the restaurant stocks, including the 2012 Gruner Veltliner from W.T. Vintners in Woodinville.