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Paste: Twin Peaks Season 3 Wine Guide

WT Vintners Les Collines Vineyard Syrah ($45): I asked the guy at the WT tasting room what made this wine so different from Savage Grace. Same grape. Not only same grape: Same vineyard. The answer? “Twelve days.” Sorry? “Twelve days. Savage picked their fruit twelve days before we did.” If you think people are being […]

WA Wine Blog: Interview with Jeff Lindsay-Thorsen

An uber-talented man, Jeff Lindsay-Thorsen somehow manages to play winemaker, lead sommelier and father all in one day. It is hard to find a busier guy than Jeff. It is also hard to find a cooler guy to chat wine with. Jeff has a longstanding history in the wine industry, working as a sommelier for […]

Seattle Weekly: 20th Taste of WA

The 20th year of Taste Washington has come and gone, leaving purple tongues and empty bottles in its wake—at least in my house. As a chance to celebrate how far the industry has come, it was an unparalleled success, and as a chance to learn more about where we might be going, it was fascinating. […]

Seattle Weekly: The Rise of Syrah in WA

The story of red wine in Washington has been largely the story of cabernet sauvignon and merlot. Those grapes dominated the global landscape as our wine industry was growing and helped Washington onto the national stage. That said, as Washington wine continues to mature, it seems as though our red-wine future will be more and […]

MOHAI’s ‘Edible City’-Inspired Food & Wine Pairings

The question of “What is a Seattle food?” proved to have a variety of answers, from Native American salmon bakes to a Dick’s Drive-In burger. We found that our signature foods are reflective of the city’s geography; with our proximity to water and mountains and irrigated orchards, to rail lines and ports. And yet our […]

Wine Enthusiast: W.T. Vintners ‘some of the more exciting wines’ in WA

Finally, W.T. Vintners releases an extremely impressive lineup that includes the W.T. Vintners 2014 Boushey Vineyard Mourvèdre Yakima Valley ($49, 91 points); W.T. Vintners 2013 Gorgeous Destiny Ridge Vineyard Syrah Horse Heaven Hills ($30, 91 points); and W.T. Vintners 2013 Damavian Les Collines Vineyard Syrah Walla Walla Valley ($45, 91 points). These are some of the more exciting wines being made in the state right now […]

Wine Enthusiast: Must-Try Somm Wine

After dedicating their professional lives—and personal time—to wine, some sommeliers are ambitious enough to take the ultimate deep dive: creating their own. Get to know these four sommeliers and their wine labels.

Paste: Greetings from the biggest wine region you don’t know

I’m in Seattle. It’s March, which means Japanese cherries and star magnolias are running riot and it’s colder than a well-digger’s ass out here. The wind is piercing, the clouds are doing their best to look more mountainous than the mountains, and large branches are being ripped from cedar trees and flung at people as […]

Eater: Ask a Somm: Why Pét-Nat is not Champagne

Wine at the Seattle outpost of chef Michael Mina’s fusion-y French restaurant RN74 is overseen by lead sommelier and wine director, Jeff Lindsay-Thorsen (and he’s also a winemaker here). Unsurprisingly, food and drink pair up, and the eatery pushes a France-forward list of Burgundy-heavy wines, in addition to more local small-production selections from Washington and Oregon. Below, Lindsay-Thorsen demystifies a […]