Winemaking Philosophy

The old adage “great wine is made in the vineyard” is at the root of W.T. Vintners. I strive to be the conduit from which our vineyards speak. Minimal additions are made in the winery. I choose to ferment our wines with feral/spontaneous yeasts from the vineyards and living within our walls. And allow time to clarify our reds and exercise judicious additions to stabilize our whites. This allows the wines’ evolution from grape to glass echo the voice of the vineyard and the vintage. I avoid the use of new oak in favor of used barrels, which add a bit of texture and little else. It is about the grape and the place it is grown not the vessel in which it has been stored. I find inspiration in the wines of the Northern Rhone Valley, Burgundy, Germany and Austria. Foremost, I want our wines to serve as the champions of Washington’s extraordinary terroir.

By utilizing whole clusters (versus just berries) during fermentation, I attempt to coax both greater structure and more savory flavors and aromas in our wines. With each vineyard, we work closely with the vineyard’s manager and owner to reduce crop loads and find the optimal time to harvest, often weeks before our neighbors. By picking early, I ensure that the vineyard’s voice is heard and not lost to high alcohols and overtly fruity wines.

Ultimately, I attempt to make the wines I want to drink; wines of place, wines that compliment a meal and wines that tell a story. I want them to be as delicious as they are interesting. Most importantly, I want our customers, our friends and our families to reach for another glass.

À votre santé!

Jeff Lindsay-Thorsen