About Us

At W.T. Vintners, we are crafting terroir driven wines from vineyard sites rooted in the soils formed by enormous volcanic eruptions and massive glacial floods that occurred in Washington during the last ice age. For over five thousand years, the catastrophic events known as the Great Missoula Floods swept over Eastern Washington and Northern Oregon. As the waters receded it left behind diverse and mineral rich soils. Our intent is to highlight the aromas, flavors and nuance of these specific vineyard sites made special by these ancient geological cataclysms.

We embrace a holistic approach both in the vineyard and winery. Sustainable, Organic and biodynamic farming are a constant pursuit with our contracted growers in the Pacific Northwest. We practice simple methods and techniques rooted in winemaking tradition. Our goal is to have as little impact on the wine as possible, thereby allowing the vineyard, not the winemaker, to express itself.

We are a family of friends seeking to make wines of ultra-premium quality. Our wine is made to be enjoyed with good friends and good food, not hoarded and locked away.


W.T. Vintners